T-Mobile is known for creating ground breaking events that everyone talks about. It shines a light on the brand and seeks to offer consumers a reason to consider joining the network. T-Mobile’s mantra is Life’s for Sharing, and its products and services are all about this simple truth. The Royal Wedding provided a unique platform to bring this to life so T-Mobile created a short spoof film of the Royal Wedding entrance to give consumers something to share with their family and friends. The budget was very small to launch the film as most of the annual budget was kept back for a major re-launch later in the year. However expectations were high because of the success of previous campaigns and the cultural relevance of the content.

Celebrity culture is a massive area of interest for our audience. They read, listen, talk and blog about celebrities on a regular basis. It’s crucial social currency. We knew they would be following the Royal Wedding closely, sharing info on the dress, the shoes, the guest list, etc on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Strategy and execution:
We wanted to build anticipation and buzz pre-launch and reward the online bloggers that had previously covered T-Mobile events so we invited them to the shoot and they tweeted what was happening (without revealing the details). We also released a teaser, to further build excitement, to other influential bloggers and key social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. This started to create a buzz and fuel conversations about what T-Mobile were up to. Then on day 4 of the campaign we released the full 3 minute film and paid key bloggers to discuss and share it. We used sponsored stories on Facebook and promoted videos and pre rolls on YouTube to ensure consumers looking for wedding content would find our film. We ensured the video would appear in YouTube most viewed charts and top trending categories, therefore increasing popularity and exposure of the film.

It is one of the most successful launches of all time for an online brand video reaching 8 million YouTube views within the first week and 21 million within the first month. Justin Bieber tweeted to his 9m followers about it and Prince Harry liked it so much he even posted it on his personal Facebook page! It also got picked up by huge TV shows like “Have I Got News For You” on BBC1 and “Loose Women” – marketing gold! We saw a very positive uplift on T-Mobile brand health scores – comms awareness increased by +15% and brand consideration up +13%. When we asked consumers more specific questions like “does T-Mobile stand out from the crowd” scores were up +45% and “does a bit extra for customers” up + 62%!



Campaign Media Awards 2012 – Best Total Communications Programme: Ikea

To meet the challenge of making Ikea synonymous with the bedroom, and so drive double-digit growth in bedroom furniture sales, Vizeum’s campaign was designed to send the nation “happy to bed”.


On Channel 4, the agency created a TV campaign that secured the ten-second spot closest to 10.30pm every night for 20 weeks, with a “live” Happy To Bed clock reminiscent of the old BBC TV clocks. On Absolute Radio, Ikea sponsored Mark Crossley’s bedtime show, with a ten-second audio Happy To Bed clock broadcast at 10.30pm every night alongside listeners’ bedtime song requests. Online, the agency developed a digital manifestation of the clock with bedtime content; a Happy To Bed mobile app took the campaign to the bedside, while paid-for search and SEO drove people to Ikea’s Happy to Bed experience.

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Resource: Campaign Live. Referred 20.4.2013.